Thursday, July 31, 2008

Scottland retailers could be require to have a licence to sell hunting knives

I just read this post on the TimesOnline website-

"A scheme aimed at tackling Scotland's blade culture by curbing the sale of knives was introduced by Kenny McAskill, the Justice Secretary, yesterday.

The plans could force anyone selling non-domestic knives to obtain licences setting conditions for sale. Proposals include a ban on shop displays that can be viewed from the street and a requirement for shop owners to keep full details of the type of knife sold and of the purchaser.

Swords will only to sold in future if the buyer can demonstrate a good reason for wanting one."

What's next? Kitchen knives and screwdrivers. I think this is a evil plot by the companies that make sporks to eliminate all the sharp cuttlery in the world. I say NO- I will never use a spork!

This is funny to joke about but unless we as hunters and apparently chefs don't stand up for our rights this will be comming to America sooner then you think.


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