Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Taxidermy Website- Learn Taxidermy Online

Taxidermy Tube- Learn Taxidermy OnlineA whole new way for sportsmen to learn about taxidermy is now available on the internet. http://www.taxidermytube.com/, a joint venture between the television show Taxidermy For The Sportsman and Foremost Media, Inc. officially launched September 15th, 2008. The website offers aspiring taxidermists and curious hunters the opportunity to learn taxidermy by watching professionally produced instructional videos online and to corresponding with a panel of professional taxidermist via a private message board.

According to the site webmaster Jon Ballard, the site currently contains over 20 hours of instructional video and new videos are being produced and added on a weekly basis. Topics range from preparing your game harvest for the taxidermist to actually mounting the game yourself. According to site host and master taxidermist Dan Rinehart “The most popular video so far seems to be the European Skull Mount Videos followed by the Turkey Tail Mount Videos”. According to Dan, these two projects are less involved then a deer shoulder mount and instructions are in high demand by sportsman. “Once people see how easy these projects can be with our instructional videos we believe they will move on to more challenging projects like the flying pheasant mount or the shoulder mount deer project” says Dan. “We have just completed a series on how to full mount a fox and that should be online soon as well. We have a full production schedule this fall with many new titles to be released on the site soon.”

In addition to the professionally produced taxidermy videos from the folks at Taxidermy For the Sportsman the site also allows sportsman to upload their own taxidermy videos and correspond with other site members.

Membership in http://www.taxidermytube.com/ is only $19.99/ Month and sample videos can be found on the site as well as helpful articles and information about taxidermy.

TaxidermyTube.com is a website that allows hunters and sportsmen to learn taxidermy by watching online videos. For more information on the website please visit http://www.taxidermytube.com/ or email jballard@foremostmedia.com


Anonymous said...

This is a pretty good site. I think I may pay the 19 bucks and try and do something with all those deer antlers in my basement. I had no idea you could make a European skull mount with out the skull. Pretty neat idea.

Foremost Media said...

Update on the Taxidermy Tube Site- We keep adding new videos every week. Just in a bunch of great content on tanning hides as well as how to mount a full mount fox jumping at a pheasant that is flushing. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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