Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Becoming A Better Shot With A Rifle

Wanna be a good rifle shot and keep it inexpensive, well you need to go no further than the very popular .22 Long Rifle. All great modern day Sharpshooters attribute their skill to diligent practice with the 22 rifle. There are many to choose from like the Marlin lever and bolt action models, the highly accurate CZ-USA bolt actions and the famous Ruger 10/22 semi-automatic. None of these firearms will cost you a lot of money, and with care they will last you a lifetime. The fun of a 22 rifle is an addiction so if you get started you will soon find out that the whole family will want to get involve in this fun shooting sport. Of course safety is paramount and close supervision of young shooters is a must.

One of the best places to learn all of the shooting sports is the Fort Polk Recreation Shooting Range. It is open for both Military and Civilian Sportsmen Wednesday’s through Sundays. Yes it won’t be long till you’re splitting playing cards, collecting a limit of gray squirrels, or winning a bet you can hit a pop can 200 yards away. Yes you can do all this and more with your trusty .22 rifle….Pass it on.

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