Friday, November 13, 2009

Handicapped Hunters

Have you ever considered how they get handicapped people around for all the hunting trips you see them do on the Outdoor Channel. One of the best organizations is The Way Outfitters of Wisconsin. They take terminally ill, or handicapped kids, disabled veterans or wounded soldiers on a Hunting, Fishing, Skiing or a Dude Ranch vacation of a ofis all expenses paid by corporate sponsors। It just happens that Uncle John is the state director for the Way Outfitters so if you know a special someone that would like to be considered for one of these trips, contact Uncle John at this radio station। And wait till you see the places we go it is truly awesome. Did I tell you about the equipment we use. If a totally paralyzed person can sit in a power chair and move their head, they can fire a deer rifle with some of the specialized equipment we get from Be Adaptive outdoor company. This is John Simeone reporting, Pass it on.


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