Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pheasant Hunting In Deep Snow

Here in Wisconsin we typically have quite a bit of snow on the ground in late pheasant season and this year is no exception. Here are some tips to make your next deep snow hunt a success:

1. Hunt the cattails- Pheasants love frozen marshes this time of year. The Cattails bend over with heavy snow but often allow for natural runways under them for pheasants. These wet areas don't receive the early season pressure that your typical cover gets so it's a natural place for pheasants to hang out. It's tough walking but worth it.

2. Make sure to water your dog- When my dog is working hard in the deep snow it's not uncommon for him to eat snow, but snow alone is not enough hydration for a dog running hard in chest deep snow. Make sure to take breaks often and give your dog water.

3. Invest in some good snowshoes- That crust on top of the snow may hold your dog but if your breaking through it, it makes for a very long day of walking. A good pair of snow shoes will allow you to walk right over the deepest of snow just like you’re walking on blacktop. These are also handy for late season dear hunts.

4. Use A Blocker- Pheasants are smart this time of year and will run much earlier than they do in the beginning of the season. Driving pheasants and using a blocker at the end of rows of cover can be very effective in the late season.

What are your late season pheasant hunting tips?


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