Sunday, December 27, 2009

Introducing Your Puppy To Hunting

Avoid Making Your Dog Gun Shy

An important aspect to dog hunting training that many hunters get wrong is how they introduce their dog to gunfire.  Although gunfire introduction for a dog requires detailed explanation, there are some steps you can take for your dog to avoid developing gun shyness. 

You should:

  •          Never shoot over a young dog’s head without a gradual introduction to loud noises.
  •          Over time, gradually introduce loud sounds to your dog when it is a puppy.
  •          Use gunfire training audios that play the sound of gunfire gradually to your dog.
  •          Introduce a gun first by sight and scent, and eventually sound.
Friday, December 18, 2009

Wisconsin DNR Deer Hearing -A Lot More Talk and No More Action

Wisconsin deer harvests dropped 30% in the 2009 season to its lowest level in 27 years. Over the last few years Wisconsin hunters have been forced to deal with an aggressive deer management policy from the state DNR that has included a “Herd Reduction Zone” that covers a large part of the state. Control tactics have included early and late special season doe only hunts, earn a buck requirements (Where the hunter is required to shoot a doe before they can shoot a buck) and unlimited doe tags. Couple a few years of back to back hard winters and it’s not surprising that the deer population is way down.

Hunters are angry about the low deer numbers and many are reporting seeing very few deer and deer sign in the woods. Due to public hunter outrage lawmakers finally held a hearing in Madison this past Thursday and Lawmakers took turns telling DNR Secretary Matt Frank how they have been over whelmed with calls and letters from angry Hunters (Voters, I might mention after all, it’s an election year) expressing their distaste for the way the Wisconsin deer herd is being managed.

Frank acknowledged that the deer herd has indeed been reduced in some areas due to DNR herd reduction programs and harsh winters but added that the Midwest population is down this year adding that Minnesota saw a 12 percent drop and Michigan a 10 to 20 percent drop. Frank took strong exception to claims by hunters that the DNR is not listening to hunters sighting the tabled discussion on extending the traditional 10 day hunt to 17 days and the abandonment of the earn a buck program. “I think we are listening,” he said. “Look at our actions.”
Many hunters are saying those actions are to little and to late. Rep. Scott Gunderson, R-Waterford, asked why DNR's deer herd managers hadn’t taken action to stop some of the deer reduction programs earlier in spite of the fact that hunters were telling DNR managers that they weren't seeing deer in the woods. Some hunters are suggesting that the DNR stop all herd reduction activities and go back to the doe lottery system of earlier years to restore deer populations. The general consensus of most of the deer hunters we spoke to felt that the DNR deer counts have been way off for years and that the deer herd hasn’t been strong enough to support herd reduction strategies for many years.
Wisconsin deer hunting activities are believe to be a $1 billion a year industry and many hunters in the state believe that the industry is in trouble.

Author’s Note- It is my personal opinion that it is time for lawmakers to do more the just hold hearings on this issue. If the DNR won’t listen to hunters it’s time to replace those managers with folks who will listen. If the lawmakers won’t make that happen it’s time to replace those lawmakers with folks that will act to protect this Wisconsin tradition and the businesses that depend on it. We as hunters are also partially to blame here. Just because we have 6 doe tags we don’t need to take 6 does. Every doe taken is 2 less you will see the following year. It’s time for hunters to use their voices. Contact your state representatives and tell them how you feel about these issues, after all they work for us. I personally have written letters to many of the representatives in the area. Here is a copy of my letter. Feel free to copy it if you need a place to start:

“Thank you for your hard work on behalf of our state. I appreciate your dedication and hard work. As a long time Wisconsin resident and hunter I am very concerned about the DNR’s management of the deer herd. As I’m sure you are aware this year was the worst hunting season in 27 years across much of the state. I’m upset with the way the DNR has handled the herd and the liberal doe tags being issued along with all the extended early and late doe hunts going on across the state. CWD has been present in other states for years and in no other state have the wildlife managers taken such measures to eliminate deer. I think it is time for new managers in the DNR that value the deer and it’s time to eliminate the herd reduction nonsense and all the money being spent to “Control” CWD. Please act now to preserve the tradition of deer hunting and a great revenue source for our state. Let’s clean house at the DNR.”

Wisconsin Voters take note, I emailed this letter to: Judy Robson, Kim Hixon, Chuck Benedict, Gary Sherman and Mike Sheridan- To date I have received no responses with the exception of Judy Robson who’s assistant sent me a poorly worded response that said the Senator Robson would respond by mail. I will updated this as I receive response if I ever do.
Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pheasant Hunting In Deep Snow

Here in Wisconsin we typically have quite a bit of snow on the ground in late pheasant season and this year is no exception. Here are some tips to make your next deep snow hunt a success:

1. Hunt the cattails- Pheasants love frozen marshes this time of year. The Cattails bend over with heavy snow but often allow for natural runways under them for pheasants. These wet areas don't receive the early season pressure that your typical cover gets so it's a natural place for pheasants to hang out. It's tough walking but worth it.

2. Make sure to water your dog- When my dog is working hard in the deep snow it's not uncommon for him to eat snow, but snow alone is not enough hydration for a dog running hard in chest deep snow. Make sure to take breaks often and give your dog water.

3. Invest in some good snowshoes- That crust on top of the snow may hold your dog but if your breaking through it, it makes for a very long day of walking. A good pair of snow shoes will allow you to walk right over the deepest of snow just like you’re walking on blacktop. These are also handy for late season dear hunts.

4. Use A Blocker- Pheasants are smart this time of year and will run much earlier than they do in the beginning of the season. Driving pheasants and using a blocker at the end of rows of cover can be very effective in the late season.

What are your late season pheasant hunting tips?
Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Best Gift For A Hunter

Well I think I've found it... The best gift ever for a deer hunter:

What a great product.  I think my Mother in Law will love it.  Maybe I can mount it in her living room for the ultimate suprise.  Order your own at:
Monday, November 16, 2009

Whistle Training Your Dog

So your ready to start whistle training your dog.  Did you know that the type of whistle you choose can make a difference?  There are many types of whistles on the market today.  Some are very inexpensive and some are on the high side.  I recomend a pealess design.  Pealess means it doesn't have the little ball in the whistle that makes the sound.  This type of design is great when the weather drops below zero, like it often does here in Wisconsin.  The Pealess whistle doesn't freeze up and are quite loud for those windy days or long ranging dogs.

To learn more about whistle training and whistle design check out:

Whistle Training: Dog Basics & The Right Whistle By Kelly Olson
Friday, November 13, 2009

Handicapped Hunters

Have you ever considered how they get handicapped people around for all the hunting trips you see them do on the Outdoor Channel. One of the best organizations is The Way Outfitters of Wisconsin. They take terminally ill, or handicapped kids, disabled veterans or wounded soldiers on a Hunting, Fishing, Skiing or a Dude Ranch vacation of a ofis all expenses paid by corporate sponsors। It just happens that Uncle John is the state director for the Way Outfitters so if you know a special someone that would like to be considered for one of these trips, contact Uncle John at this radio station। And wait till you see the places we go it is truly awesome. Did I tell you about the equipment we use. If a totally paralyzed person can sit in a power chair and move their head, they can fire a deer rifle with some of the specialized equipment we get from Be Adaptive outdoor company. This is John Simeone reporting, Pass it on.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Should I Pay To Have My Dog Trained Or Should I Do It Myself?

Should I Pay To Have My Dog Trained Or Should I Do It Myself? - It's a question we get quite often on - Pro Dog Breeder and Trainer Ed Hall Gives some pros and cons on the DIY Vs. Pro Dog training options:

To Train My Dog Myself Or To Pay For Training

Black Lab At Work With A Pro Dog Trainer
Thursday, November 05, 2009

Drinking And Hunting

Everybody knows that Drinking and Driving, Drinking and Boating and Drinking and Hunting is down right stupid and illegal. Well don’t think so fast. Many believe this is an infringement on their rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Every year I personally see at least one drunk hunter on a Wildlife Management area where it is completely illegal and of course very dangerous to the public. You would think even the most dyed in the wool beer drinker would know better than to do this but common sense doesn’t seem to be that common anymore. What makes it worse is that on private land there are no rules governing this, another reason to be sure you wear plenty of Hunter Orange when gun hunting. An alcohol related hunting or fishing accident is one of the most avoidable tragedies there is, just don’t do it. The great outdoor host and native to Louisiana, “Gritts” Gresham reminded us “When the guns and boats are put up and the sun goes down, It’s Miller Time.”…..Pass it on. - Post By John Simeone
Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Becoming A Better Shot With A Rifle

Wanna be a good rifle shot and keep it inexpensive, well you need to go no further than the very popular .22 Long Rifle. All great modern day Sharpshooters attribute their skill to diligent practice with the 22 rifle. There are many to choose from like the Marlin lever and bolt action models, the highly accurate CZ-USA bolt actions and the famous Ruger 10/22 semi-automatic. None of these firearms will cost you a lot of money, and with care they will last you a lifetime. The fun of a 22 rifle is an addiction so if you get started you will soon find out that the whole family will want to get involve in this fun shooting sport. Of course safety is paramount and close supervision of young shooters is a must.

One of the best places to learn all of the shooting sports is the Fort Polk Recreation Shooting Range. It is open for both Military and Civilian Sportsmen Wednesday’s through Sundays. Yes it won’t be long till you’re splitting playing cards, collecting a limit of gray squirrels, or winning a bet you can hit a pop can 200 yards away. Yes you can do all this and more with your trusty .22 rifle….Pass it on.

Learn more about Guns and Ammo At Foremost Hunting
Monday, October 19, 2009

First Grouse Hunt With A New Dog And Gun

Juan’s first hunt with a new dog and new gun

Crate Training for A New Dog

Field staff writer Kelly Olson shares some great tips and tricks on house training a new puppy. One thing I never really thought about was the amount of times you should feed your dog during crate training. Nice article Kelly. I am going to be sure and follow your tips for crate training next time I get a new dog:

Read Crate Training Tips By Kelly Olson
Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Different Perspective On Choosing A Gun Dog Breeder

I have a frined from India who is a excellent web programer but has a real passion for writing. For weeks he has been bugging me to try out his article writing services. The price was write and I am actively looking for good writers for our site (If your a freelance writter and looking for work writing about pheasant hunting give me a call 608-758-4841) so I agreed to have him write me a article. Since we just lanuched a new section of our site on gundog breeders the topic I chose was How to choose a dog breeder. I'm quite sure my friend has never hunted before and probally doesn't own a dog so take this article with a grain of salt. He did the best he can. For the most part I totally disagree with his recomendations but it but it sure an intresting perspective from a non hunter-

Choosing a Gun Dog Breeder

Usually, dogs get startled by hearing loud noises and when it comes to taking dogs out for hunting, people really need to choose their dogs appropriately. There are many breeds that have a comparatively soother temperament and they do not get anxious easily after hearing strident noises. In fact, every dog is different even if within the same breed, but if people wish to choose the most excellent gun dog, then they must opt for a reputed dog breeder.

Choosing Gun Dog Breeder

A gun dog breeder should be well knowledgeable about different kinds of dogs that are bred for various purposes. For instance, some dogs are specifically bred to point at prey and guide the hunter for shooting at the apt position, while some dogs are bred to retrieve the prey that has been shot dead and bring it back to the owner. Furthermore, there are some dogs that are bred for security reasons, while some are bred for tracking down animals by using their power of smell.

The dog breeder should know it very well that which specific breed responds calmly or agitatedly while gunfire is made. Also, he should be able to draw attention to the strengths and weaknesses of all the breeds and if the gun breeder that people are choosing does not know anything in this respect, then he should not be appointed for the purpose. From Pointer to Bloodhounds, gun dog breeder should be well versed of different kinds of breeds so as to suggest best dogs to the people. In addition to this, the breeder should ensure that the puppy should react bravely on gunfire and for this purpose; he should fire a starter pistol few yards away from the kennel. This test can immediately tell the owner whether the puppy he wishes to adopt is coward or brave.

Searching Websites

These days, there are numerous websites presented on the internet from where people can choose the best gun dog breeders that have a calm temperament. These websites make it easy for the dog lovers to choose a dog that can become a good companion while hunting. Most websites also make available the information about the different breeds and their pricing which facilitates people to decide on for the best dog that can accompany them. In addition to this, while surfing websites; people can come through some of the reputed breeders in the market that provide high quality breeds. So, feel free to surf the websites and opt for the best gun dog breeder.

So what's the take away for this article- NEVER HIRE A INDIAN NON HUNTER TO WRITE ABOUT DOG BREEDING.

It did make me think about dog temperments however. Do you think certin dogs are better tempered then others? Do you think temperment is related to gun shyness in dogs? Here is what I think. Each dog has a different temperment and gun shyness is more a result of how the dog was introduced to hunting then the dog temperment. For a really good article on choosing a puppy check out: How To Choose A Puppy By Pro Dog Trainer and Breeder Ed Hall

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Keeping An Eye On Your Gundog's Health

The health of our pets should be a major concern and something we pay very close attention to. Small things such as this can quickly and easily become a serious issue. It could claim the life of your pet or treasured hunting partner if we take the signs for granted. Visit for the complete article on Gun Dog Health
Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Purchasing a new shotgun

There are a lot of things to consider when buying your first shotgun. From style of gun to gauge and fit, it's important to have a good overview of the different types of guns on the market before you enter the gun shop. Pro Staff Member Bob from does a great job of describing the different types of guns and gauges in this article called Beginner Shotguns
Friday, August 21, 2009

Looking for some good outdoor writers

Do you like to write about your experiences in the field? is currently looking for some good outdoor writers to write articles on topics ranging from dog training to hunting techniques. Get paid for publishing your work on one of the top hunting sites on the internet. Please email for more information.
Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Calling All Pheasant Hunting Video Producers

Calling All Pheasant Hunting Video Producers

We are looking for some good quality pheasant hunts that you may have on film to add to our brand new website that is launching next week. If you have video of sporting clays, dog training, pheasant hunting or other upland related stuff that would fit nicely on our site we would love to hear from you. Please email me at We have added a very robust video section to the new website and would love to include your content. Once the new site launches you can post the videos your self or our staff can help you. It's like the YouTube of Hunting : pheasantTube if you will.

If you just want to watch some great videos on pheasant hunting or sporting clays please stop by the new site next week. We are sure we will have something you will like.
Thursday, July 02, 2009

Follow On Twitter

Check out the new home for on Twitter-

We are a few days away from the launch of the all new website. Please stay tuned!
Monday, June 15, 2009

Thanks to donations AccessYes is providing more places to fish & hunt in Wyoming

CHEYENNE- For more than 10 years Wyoming hunters and fishing enthusiasts have been able to access more hunting and fishing waters and woods thanks to AccessYes, a program by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

Shortly after the walk in access program was established, the AccessYes program was started to help provide the dollars needed for the walk in program and compensate land owners for providing access. Game and Fish state access coordinator Matt Buhler said that in 2008, hunters and fisherman donated $131,375 to the AccessYes program. Above and beyond that an additional $45,261 was gifted by conservation organizations and sportsmen. "Most of the donations are made at the time of license purchase," according to Buhler.

Wyoming sportsman are encouraged to remember the AccessYes program and consider giving a gift. These gifts help Montana Fish and Game enhance the access Wyoming Sportsman now have and can provide more places to hunt and fish.

Learn More About Hunting In Wyoming

For more information on hunting and fishing in Wyoming please visit: . To view the complete article from the Wyoming Fish and Game please visit:
Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Twitter For Hunters

I have to admit, like many others I really saw no value for Twitter when I first heard about the concept but I've been playing with it a bit and have found some usefulness in it's ability to connect me with other hunting website owners. Perhaps it is more then just a complete waste of time. I would love to hear your opinions. Please comment on if you think twitter has any value for hunters. I've been thinking about Twitter blogging from my deer stand this year. Who knows...

Here is my Twitter Page:

When I get some more time I may even start a Twitter Page For although it is hard to tweet and hunt roosters at the same time.
Sunday, March 08, 2009

Killing Animals for no reason.

I just read an article about some teens from Minnesota that killed 100 Coots

Two juvenile teen brothers from Laporte and another juvenile teen from Akeley have been fined $1,600 and placed on probation after pleading guilty on Feb. 4 to killing 109 American Coots. Coots are defined as migratory game birds and protected by both state and federal law.

I really believe that kids today are being desensitized to violence and killing by video games and media. I think if more kids got off the couch and out in the field with a parent or mentor that could teach them the value of conservation these types of things wouldn't happen as often. What's your take on the issue?
Thursday, March 05, 2009 Launches Public Photo Galery

Do you have some pictures of taxidermy projects you have completed or have you taken some pictures of unique taxidermy mounts? has just released a new photo gallery section that allows registered members of the site (Free Registration) to post pictures of taxidermy projects. "It is our hope that this becomes a gallery of inspiration for taxidermists across the globe" say Jon Ballard of Taxidermy Tube. To view the gallery please visit:

Hunters and Fisherman Raise Millions For Conservation

U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar has announced the distribution of more than $740 million to 56 state and territorial fish and wildlife agencies to fund fish and wildlife conservation efforts, boat access, shooting ranges, and hunter education.

The Funds are generated by federal excise taxes on purchases of firearms, ammunition, archery, and angling equipment and boat motor fuels.

It's great to see some of that money going back into conservation.


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