Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Options for Buying a South Dakota Pheasant Hunting License

There are two basic two options for purchasing a non-resident SD Pheasant Hunting License. Licenses can be purchased online or from a registered sales agent within South Dakota.

For the web-savvy, the online option is quick and convenient. Go to South Dakota’s Game, Fish, and Parks website at http://www.sdgfp.info/licenses.htm. Click on “Purchase a General/Hunting/Fishing License”. In order to purchase a license online, you will need a driver’s license or other state issued ID and a major credit card. One part that may cause confusion is selecting their two 5-day hunting periods. Non-residents seeking pheasant hunting licensure can select two 5-day hunting periods. The dates you select for the first period will be your first planned hunt. It is recommended that you schedule your second 5-day period as far out as possible in the system. This second period can be moved forward, but can never be pushed back, so this allows you the most flexibility. If you can only schedule one trip per year, purchase your license on or after December 15th. By doing this, you can schedule your first hunting period in the current season and the second period in the next year’s season.

To purchase your license from one of the many registered license agents in South Dakota, visit this link http://www.sdgfp.info/Wildlife/Agents/Index.htm. Here you will find listings organized by county and city; using this data, you can find a listing for a conveniently located agent within moments. If you are without a computer, call Game & Fish directly (605-773-3485) and they can direct you to a registered agent.
Thursday, February 18, 2010

Road Hunting In South Dakota

An article discussing Road Hunting for pheasants in the state of South Dakota. I'ts legal and pretty popular, but it's also the source of many sportsmen land owner clashes. Should it be legal? Visit the site, read the article and leave some comments.

Read: Road Hunting In South Dakota

While your at it you can book a South Dakota Hunting Lodge and you won't have to road hunt at all.

Grouse Botany- Find The Cover Find The Birds

Grouse Botany- Find The Cover Find The Birds

Great article for the grouse hunter on how to find cover that grouse like and in turn find grouse.


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