Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Different Perspective On Choosing A Gun Dog Breeder

I have a frined from India who is a excellent web programer but has a real passion for writing. For weeks he has been bugging me to try out his article writing services. The price was write and I am actively looking for good writers for our site (If your a freelance writter and looking for work writing about pheasant hunting give me a call 608-758-4841) so I agreed to have him write me a article. Since we just lanuched a new section of our site on gundog breeders the topic I chose was How to choose a dog breeder. I'm quite sure my friend has never hunted before and probally doesn't own a dog so take this article with a grain of salt. He did the best he can. For the most part I totally disagree with his recomendations but it but it sure an intresting perspective from a non hunter-

Choosing a Gun Dog Breeder

Usually, dogs get startled by hearing loud noises and when it comes to taking dogs out for hunting, people really need to choose their dogs appropriately. There are many breeds that have a comparatively soother temperament and they do not get anxious easily after hearing strident noises. In fact, every dog is different even if within the same breed, but if people wish to choose the most excellent gun dog, then they must opt for a reputed dog breeder.

Choosing Gun Dog Breeder

A gun dog breeder should be well knowledgeable about different kinds of dogs that are bred for various purposes. For instance, some dogs are specifically bred to point at prey and guide the hunter for shooting at the apt position, while some dogs are bred to retrieve the prey that has been shot dead and bring it back to the owner. Furthermore, there are some dogs that are bred for security reasons, while some are bred for tracking down animals by using their power of smell.

The dog breeder should know it very well that which specific breed responds calmly or agitatedly while gunfire is made. Also, he should be able to draw attention to the strengths and weaknesses of all the breeds and if the gun breeder that people are choosing does not know anything in this respect, then he should not be appointed for the purpose. From Pointer to Bloodhounds, gun dog breeder should be well versed of different kinds of breeds so as to suggest best dogs to the people. In addition to this, the breeder should ensure that the puppy should react bravely on gunfire and for this purpose; he should fire a starter pistol few yards away from the kennel. This test can immediately tell the owner whether the puppy he wishes to adopt is coward or brave.

Searching Websites

These days, there are numerous websites presented on the internet from where people can choose the best gun dog breeders that have a calm temperament. These websites make it easy for the dog lovers to choose a dog that can become a good companion while hunting. Most websites also make available the information about the different breeds and their pricing which facilitates people to decide on for the best dog that can accompany them. In addition to this, while surfing websites; people can come through some of the reputed breeders in the market that provide high quality breeds. So, feel free to surf the websites and opt for the best gun dog breeder.

So what's the take away for this article- NEVER HIRE A INDIAN NON HUNTER TO WRITE ABOUT DOG BREEDING.

It did make me think about dog temperments however. Do you think certin dogs are better tempered then others? Do you think temperment is related to gun shyness in dogs? Here is what I think. Each dog has a different temperment and gun shyness is more a result of how the dog was introduced to hunting then the dog temperment. For a really good article on choosing a puppy check out: How To Choose A Puppy By Pro Dog Trainer and Breeder Ed Hall

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Keeping An Eye On Your Gundog's Health

The health of our pets should be a major concern and something we pay very close attention to. Small things such as this can quickly and easily become a serious issue. It could claim the life of your pet or treasured hunting partner if we take the signs for granted. Visit for the complete article on Gun Dog Health


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